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ositive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Portland Public Schools has a district-wide implementation of PBIS. PBIS is a framework used to support behaviors through prevention-oriented structuring of  interventions and supports in a hierarchical and progressive manner for the purpose of improved behavioral and academic outcomes.

Our universal or Tier 1 supports include school-wide expectations that are taught and reinforced by all staff for all students. At Longfellow We Are Safe, Respectful and Responsible
Common areas of the school have these expectations defined as to what they look and sound like 
to be respectful, responsible, and safe in the hallways, in the cafeteria, on the playground, and in the bathrooms. These expectations will be taught and reinforced throughout the year. Classrooms establish room expectations based on these same three expectations. We also have established expectations for voice levels throughout the school. The voice we use at recess is different from the voice we use in the classroom or in the bathroom.

Those students who find it challenging to follow the procedures established in our school will receive additional teaching about what is expected. In some cases, there are additional consequences needed and include, but are not limited to:  Conference with the student, Loss of a privilege and/or a Conference with parent. Longfellow school-wide behavior expectations: Hallway Bathroom Lunchroom Playground

Below you can find a video to learn more about Longfellow's PBIS plan.
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