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Technology Use at Home

Longfellow Expectations for Responsible iPad Use

Be Respectful

  • Have clean hands
  • Tap the iPad screen and buttons VERY GENTLY
  • Do not use cleaners or abrasives to clean
  • Keep device in the protective case
  • Keep iPad in a safe place

Be Safe

  • Carry with TWO HANDS hugging it close to your chest
  • Always sit down when you use your iPad and make sure it is set up on a desk or table—never on your lap.
  • Only use apps or go on Websites that your teacher says are ok
  • Tell your teacher or your grown-up RIGHT AWAY if you see something strange pop up on a website or app
  • Only use your iPad when there is a grown up watching you




Be Responsible

  • Keep food and drinks away from iPad
  • Do NOT drop the iPad
  • Keep device charged
  • ONLY you  & your caretaker are allowed to use your iPad
  • Tell your teacher QUICKLY if your iPad isn’t working or gets damaged or lost




Longfellow Expectations for Responsible Chromebook Use

Be Safe

  • I will not share my passwords. 
  • I will only visit websites and use apps appropriate for learning.
  • I will not download any apps without teacher permission.
  • I will respect the web filtering and security settings by not trying to bypass it.
  • I will talk to a trusted adult whenever I feel uncomfortable or need help with technology.
  • I will only use my Chromebook on a hard flat surface.

Be Respectful

  • I will follow my teacher’s instructions when using technology.
  • I will use the device for learning, not entertainment. 
  • I will be polite and use appropriate language when communicating online.
  • I will keep food & liquid away from the device.
  • I will make sure my hands are clean before using my device.
  • I am the ONLY person who I will let touch my Chromebook unless I need help from an adult.


Be Responsible

  • I will take good care of all school technology.
  • I will carry my chromebook in the zipped case or with both hands on the base.
  • I will keep the screen closed when moving.
  • I will give credit for words or images in my work that came from someone else.
  • I will report inappropriate digital behavior to an adult right away.
  • I will report any technology problems or broken parts to an adult right away.