Longfellow Mission

Mission of Longfellow School

Within the Longfellow community, we are committed to honoring uniqueness, nurturing growth, and making a difference.

Belief Statements

  • The Longfellow community includes the students, staff, families, and all others who participate in the life of our school.
  • The Longfellow community is a mutually supportive, interactive environment.
  • Honoring uniqueness means a commitment to recognize and appreciate our varied experiences and individuality.
  • Nurturing growth means helping each other develop ethically, socially, academically, physically, and emotionally, in a safe, stimulating environment.  *We are mutually responsible for creating and/or adapting our programs in response to the learner’s experiences, interests, strengths, and learning styles.
  • Making a difference means developing an awareness of our ongoing responsibility to value ourselves, each other, and our environment.
  • Making a difference means working together as we become contributing members of society – each realizing his/her own potential to affect another’s growth.