Perfect Pages
Perfect Pages is a student-based project developed in 2016 by 4 fourth grade students. Their goal was to create an opportunity for readers at Longfellow Elementary to share book recommendations with other readers. The project started as a bulletin-board in the lower hallway and it was a hit. Each Each week the team had written responses from readers young and old! 

This new tradition was passed on to a new group of student editors. There are three ways to participate: 1. Complete a book recommendation at school. Forms are located on the Perfect Pages board adjacent to Mr. Young's office. 2. Find great read on the growing list of recommendations - Find Longfellow's Best Reads here! This list is also linked on the Longfellow website. 3. You can recommend a book here and submit the Google Form. Your recommendation will be added to our online version of Perfect Pages.

Enjoy sharing a favorite book and viewing what other readers have been reading.