Our School

Dear Families,

In 1903, Deering Center Primary and Deering Grammar Schools joined to become Longfellow Elementary School, named after the famous Maine poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  It was located adjacent to the present building in what is now the parking lot.  Enrollment included 77 boys and 102 girls in grades K-6.  In 1952, as part of a Portland School Improvement Plan, the current building was constructed.  The new building, built to resemble neighboring Deering High School, was not only considered a beautiful structure but also embodied the latest improvements in school design and equipment such as drinking fountains in each room, dual purpose chalkboards, air circulated cloak rooms, and walls painted with contrasting colors to reduce eye strain! 

Today Longfellow School is a beautiful, brick, three level building with eighteen classrooms.  The building is located on Stevens Avenue beside Deering High School and one block from Lincoln Middle School.  Enrollment is approximately 350 students.  

The Longfellow School offers a variety of learning opportunities for children.  Our mission statement of being committed to honoring uniqueness, nurturing growth and making a difference shapes the programming decisions that we make for our students.  Students are provided with instruction in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science and Social Studies and teachers are committed to integrating our curriculum and connecting student learning to the real world in which our students live.  Students in grades 4 and 5 receive weekly instruction in Spanish.  All students receive weekly instruction in Physical Education, Music and Art.  Older students can participate in extended musical opportunities by participating in our strings program, band, or by singing in our chorus.  Our Green Team looks at the current recycling practices in our school and works to expand recycling focused on the principles of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. The club is student lead with adult guidance.                                                                                         

The Longfellow School works collaboratively with families to build strong relationships.  These strong relationships allow us to provide high quality learning opportunities that extend beyond the four walls of our classrooms.

On behalf of the Longfellow School, I welcome you to our community and encourage you to become involved in our school!

Terry Young