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 Longfellow Fundraiser

Purchase Hannaford gift cards and
Hannaford will donate 5% of sales 
$1000.00 to the PTO. 
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  GO For GOLD!

I Was a Summer Reader!

It is time to celebrate as the Longfellow School Community. Use the form below to record the total minutes you read this summer. Reading could have been to someone, with someone, or by yourself! If you did not track your minutes-estimate the best you can!

Record your minutes June - August and a favorite book on the form. Your minutes will be added to the school total. No need to send in any paper form—use this online form!

Have questions? Email Mrs. Johnson at

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Johnson

Fall 2020 Important Information

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule
School Arrival and Departure

In order to make arrival and departure as smooth as possible, please watch the video below to learn about Longfellow's arrival and departure procedures.

Longfellow Campsite Locations

Use the photo below to help you find your student's campsite. 

Longfellow Campsites

Daily Health Screening 

  • Each day families will need to complete a daily health screen on behalf of their child.  
  • All staff and students who will be entering the building will be expected to complete a daily screen.  
  • PPS will be using school messenger to help make this easier, but please see this flowsheet for the questions that we need all families to be able to answer each day. Until the app is accessible, we will be sending out reminders via school-messenger that daily health screens need to be completed before a child comes to school.  
  • While we realize that daily checks may be challenging for families, we need to be vigilant about keeping sick people out of the building in order to keep school buildings open and everyone inside safe and healthy. 

A Tour of Longfellow

Are you curious what it looks like inside the building? Do you want a perspective to what your learner sees everyday? Check out this video to see a tour of Longfellow!


Kindergarten- Longfellow Class of 2026 

Welcome to Longfellow VIDEO