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Upcoming Events

October 20: Picture Day
October 20: First Recycle Club meeting in art room, 3:05-5:00 PM
October 20: New fall deadline to submit Box Tops November 1: Fall Garden Party and Clean-up,
                  9:00 AM-noon
November 6: Deadline to order Longfellow spirit gear November 6: PTO meeting in library,
                  7:00-8:00 PM (free child care provided)
November 11: Veterans Day, no school
November 14-15: Bon-Ton coupon days at Maine Mall November 18-20: Book Fair at Longfellow
December 12: Craft Afternoon in gym

A message from our new Pricipal, Terry Young
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Check out the Longfellow School Family Handbook
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Check out our MATH WEBSITE

Check out First in Math- New accounts will be available to students in the coming weeks!
An online Math program available to students at school and at home to improve math skill building and fluency. Your will receive your child's login informayion during conferences!
Click here for the information sheet.

Box Tops
Don't forget to save and send in your Box Tops. We have a yearly goal of $1,245. If we meet our goal the students will once again earn an additional 10 minutes of recess!

Longfellow PTO E-mail List
If you would like to be on the PTO mailing lists for updates and announcements, please send an email to: mainelongfellowpto@gmail.com. Announcement requests should also be sent to this address.

Learn about the commitment Longfellow School has made to continued improvement:
School Success Plan

Be Prepared for School Cancellations

The Portland Public Schools close when it is unsafe for children to get to school due to the conditions of roads and sidewalks. School closing decisions generally are made by 5:30 a.m. They are announced on the school district’s website (www.portlandschools.org), Facebook page (Portland ME Public Schools) and on local radio and television stations, including TV3. If schools are closed for the day, extracurricular activities usually are cancelled, too. However, Portland
Recreation may be open for participants of their before- and after-school program.
Please call the Recreation Information Hotline at 756-8130 for updates or check the Portland Recreation page on Facebook. The district may delay the start of school or dismiss students early due to inclement weather or specific issues in one or more buildings. Notifications will occur in the same way as full-day cancellations. Parents also will be notified of unexpected early releases through the district's automated calling system, so that parents can plan for picking up their children or arranging for them to have access to other care arrangements. Every family needs a back-up plan for school cancellations. Please arrange for a neighbor, family member, friend or child-care provider to care for your child. Be sure that your child’s school has a current phone number to reach you in case of emergency. For more information about cancellations, visit:

Learn How to Videotape School Events for TV3
You can put your local school on television and the web by videotaping talent shows, concerts, speakers, sports games, student projects and other upcoming events.
TV3, the educational access television station managed by the Portland Public Schools, will provide free training and use of equipment for students in middle school and high school and adult volunteers. This is a great way to learn new skills while helping your community.
To sign up, please call TV3 at 874-8173 or write to TV3@portlandschools.org.

Photography and Videography Update
We have had growing awareness of conerns regarding regulations about taking pictures and videotaping during school events. As you know you have the option to have your child participate or not participate in media events that we as a school sponsor. Historically we have not regulated parents who come in to take pictures or video even though they are in most cases capturing footage of studenrs in addition to their child. This concern lies in how those pictures or footage might be published. Portland Public Schools is currently working with Bruce Smith, and attorney with Drummond and Woodsum, to review our practices and update our policy. I will keep you posted on the decisions that are made.

Animals on the Playground
There is a city ordinance that prohibits animals on our playgrounds. I understand how nice it is to walk with your dog to school and this will continue to be fine as long as the dogs do not enter school grounds. We especially ask for your attention to this matter this year as we have several students who are very afraid of dogs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

School Closings
School closing decisions generally are made by 5:30 am. They are announced on the school website (www.portlandschools.org), Facebook page (Portland ME Public Schools) and on local radio and television stations, including TV3.

Morning Arrival Reminder
Our first bell rings at 8:45 am each morning. We encourage children to arrive on the playground at 8:35 am eah morning when supervision begins. This gives children time to play and connect with friends prior to the start of the school day. At 8:45 am the bells rinsg to indicate it is time for all students to enter the building through the playground doors. This expectation is very important because the playground is the only area with adult supervision before school hours. Children are allowed to enter the building through other entrances before the bell rings if accompanied by an adult, or if they have a plan to meet a staff member. Once the bell has rung, students dropped off should enter the building through the door closest to their drop off point and report directly to their classroom if it is prior to 8:55 am. Any student arriving after 8:55am sould report to the front office. Thank you for you support.



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