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Welcome to

Longfellow School

Longfellow School is located in the heart of Deering Center at 432 Stevens Avenue in Portland, Maine.  The school is named after Portland Poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and opened in 1955.

Our school is alive with the excitement of learning and creativity.  We currently house three hundred seventy-five students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Five.  Longfellow School prides itself in maintaining an outstanding staff of tremendously committed professionals who together create a child-centered learning atmosphere.  We are committed to ensuring that each child who enters our school has the opportunity to reach his or her potential.  We focus on the academic, social and emotional needs of elementary students as we continually reflect on and refine our opportunities for learning.

Longfellow School provides students with aligned instructional programming with a focus on Reading, Writing and Math.  We promote on-going opportunities for teachers to team together as we integrate academic programming within vertical and horizontal grades.  Most recently, we have adopted the Trailblazer’s Math Program that is a standard based spiraling program, combining problem solving and skilled based learning opportunities.

Our staff recognizes that the school culture on which students think and team must be child centered and inclusive.  We work with students continually as they understand their role as a contributing member of our community.  Students learn about how important it is to demonstrate respect, care, and concern for others.  Our staff supports and nourishes this process by modeling inclusive and supportive interactions throughout each day.

We are proud to have a very active and involved Parent Teacher Organization which leads committees that support Cultural Enrichment, The Poet’s Hideaway Learning Garden, as well as student activity programming.  There are also many opportunities to volunteer in the daily life of our students, both in the building and from home.

We hope the information on this site will support you in understanding and monitoring an up-to-date understanding of our school community.


Terry Young, Principal



Longfellow Elementary School